Help or Donate


In our office there is a lot of work every day – and stays that are often due to the lack of staff. This situation is typical for any initiative that is driven mainly by volunteers.

If our goals are yours as well and you can give us some time, please help us. For example:

  • Our film archive. Since 1998, videos of the awards have accumulated , they are waiting for sighting and cut before we can put them into the web.

  • Translations. Since our website is in English and German, must constantly documents, comments, interviews are translated into one or the other language.

  • Transcripts. Many sound documents ( speeches and interviews ) are waiting to appear as text on our website. Before, they must be written down.

  • New sources of money . We’re giving money to our laurates, but not have our own capital. This means: Every year we have to carry out intensive fundraising. Only when the number of our donors is growing, we can do our job well.

  • Internship. Many studies include a practicum. The topics of uranium mining, indigenous Peoples, renewable energy touches on many subjects such as anthropology, physics, energy policy, geology, geography, sociology …

In addition, there are certainly ways that go beyond this list. Call us, if you want to join the Nuclear-Free Future: ++49(0)89-28 65 97 14 – or send us an email: