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18 October 2007

City Montessori School Lakhnau

The City Montessori School (CMS) of Lucknow, founded by Jagdish and Bharti Gandhi in 1959, has since its humble beginnings (two rented rooms) educated students to respect the values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, and grown to become the largest private school in the world (some 28,000 pupils). On behalf of the globe’s two billion children, CMS – the 2002 UNESCO Prize for Peace Education Award recipient – has launched a campaign calling for a New World Order, one with a duly constituted World Parliament empowered to enact “Enforceable International Law.” Such law would be applicable to all the countries and peoples of the world with no provision for any veto or special powers for any country. In the words of the CMS campaign:

Over half a century ago, on 24th October 1945, when representatives from 51 countries ratified the UN Charter – two months and 18 days after the bombing of Hiroshima – they were motivated by the noble desire to save succeeding generations and children born and yet to be born who are the common denominators of all nations, from the scourge of war. The founding fathers of United Nations realised that unity is a prerequisite for peace and that there can be no world peace unless there is world unity. However, the framers of the UN Charter failed to devise a ‘common thread’ for binding member countries into one global family. In the absence of such a ‘common thread’ the UNO has become an organisation of ‘Disunited Nations.’

“The Earth is but One Country and Humankind its Citizens.”

The killing power of the countries with veto power are causing fear and suspicion amongst other countries who, for their survival, seek similar killing powers by developing nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. The present UNO has not been able to unite the world or to bring about world peace, hence a new International Political order is imminent with a duly constituted World Parliament empowered to enact enforceable World Law, without which humanity will be doomed. “If we have to save humankind from the impending catastrophes of (i) a nuclear holocaust and (ii) eco-disaster and from the vicious threat of terrorism, humanity has to find a common thread for binding all the countries of the world into one global family. The time has come to unite the world in one thread of ‘Enforceable World Law’ because only universally applicable “Enforceable International Law” can regulate international behaviour and bind all countries by the thread of law and prevent acts against humanity, thus realizing the ancient Indian concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, that is, “The Earth is but One Country and Humankind its Citizens.”

Powerful words coming at a time when nationalistic pride and religious differences threaten to rock the Indian subcontinent with the outbreak of nuclear war – words deserving of our special recognition. CMS is to be commended for its visionary New World Order campaign, and for its mission, on behalf of the coming generations, to create a future nuclear-free.

–Craig Reishus