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17 November 2016

ICAN and Susi Snyder

An old saying says: „In the hangman’s house you don’t talk about the rope.“ Neither are killing instruments routinely discussed at the seat of high government worldwide such as Capitol Hill in Washington or the Houses of Parliament in London. They avoid putting “Atomic Holocaust” on the agenda. Anyone who still asks who finances nuclear weapons of mass destruction quickly gets the attention of military and other intelligence.

Susi Snyder must have been aware of that when she decided to collaborate on DON’T BANK ON THE BOMB, the „Global Report on the Financing of Nuclear Weapons Production“ (published annually since 2013). It was not her first publication on this subject. „Dealing with a ban“ (2015), „Rotterdam Blast: The immediate humanitarian consequences of a 12 kiloton nuclear explosion“ (2014) and „Withdrawal Issues: What NATO countries say about the future of tactical nuclear weapons in Europe“ (2011) all targeted the nuclear lobby, whose scenarios are made without regard to or information of potential victims.

Susi Snyder acquired her in-depth knowledge of both the lobby for nuclear instruments of mass murder as well as of the antinuke movement as Secretary General of Women`s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) in Geneva and her hometown of New York. At WILPF she supervised and promoted the project „Reaching Critical Will“ which seeks to unite countries without nuclear weapons behind the demand for a global ban on nuclear weapons until this campaign reaches „critical mass“ – to cite a term familiar to nuclear physicists.

Susi Snyder is currently working on nuclear disarmament at Pax in the Netherlands and also a member of the International Steering Committee of ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons). In this role she leads the campaign DON’T BANK ON THE BOMB – freely translated: „Stop funding nuclear weapons manufacturers“.

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: Anyone in favor of total nuclear disarmament immediately stops doing business with banks that are engaged in nuclear deals. No accounts, no loans, nothing, nada!

At, you can find out where your money is „bombproof“, i.e. safe from abuse for arms deals. Under the heading „Hall of Fame“ the ”dontbank” study lists several banks that are absolutely guaranteed not to have financial dealings with the extermination industry. And under the category „Hall of Shame” you’ll find banks that engage in such transactions.

Susi Snyder played a major role in the preparation of the report ‚Don’t Bank on the Bomb‘, a stirring documentation rich in facts. In the preface it says: “Unlike other dangerous industries inimical to human welfare – like the tobacco industry – with a nuclear weapon it is not possible to look at reform or regulations to mitigate its worst impact on human life. Abolition as a policy is firmly resisted by the powerful nuclear weapon states and so we must learn the lessons of previous campaigns to advance the work of civil society. The outstanding example is the Anti-apartheid Movement’s Divestment Campaign which struck the first blow in the collapse of that odious system of discrimination in South Africa. We can do the same with regard to the nuclear weapon industry globally. There are companies driving the industry and if the investment funds for them are cut off we will have struck a blow for a nuclear weapon free world, converting a slogan into a practical reality. The early success achieved since the first “Don’t Bank on the Bomb” report is proof that we can succeed.”