The categories of the Nuclear-Free Future Awards

The Nuclear-Free Future Award has five categories. The first three categories are each endowed with 10.000 us dollar prize money. The prize money supports every year people around the globe to continue their struggle for a future free of nuclear weapons and nuclear power. In an exemplary way the winners of the Nuclear-Free Future Awards perform resistance, clarify or develop solutions.

The endowed categories of the Nuclear-Free Future Awards are:

  • Resistance

  • Education

  • Solution

In addition the Nuclear-Free Future Award Foundation awards two special prices :

  • Lifetime Achievement

  • Special Recognition

With the prices of honor the special anti-nuclear performance of people all around the global are highlighted.


The Nuclear-Free Future Award is compared to other prices in the environment supported by a relatively small Munich Foundation, that operates worldwide. The price is therefore dependent on donations every single year. If you want to support the pioneers of a nuclear-free future, visit our participation page and contribute to this unique project.


If you want to nominate someone for the Nuclear-Free Future Award, please visit our page for nomination.