2017 Peace Nobel Prize for 2016 NFFA-Laureate

In November 2016, in Johannisburg, South Africa the NFFA-team handed over its 2016-prize to Susi Snyder to honor her innovative activities in designing the campaign „Don`t Bank on the Bomb“ which is part of ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons). In her acceptance speech she pointed out: „I feel encouraged to go on .. with even more energy!“ These days the NFFA staff in turn feels proud and encouraged: the world´s highest reputed prize – the Nobel Peace Prize – is given to ICAN.

„Don`t Bank on the Bomb“ is one of ICAN`s campaigns – and a highly successful one at that!Susan Snyder and her team keep on publishing the names of banks, that are enganged in deals concerning nuclear weapon and point out others that are not (the latter are namend in a symbolic Hall of Fame). ICAN, a coalition of NGOs from about hundred countries, was the driving force to achieve the historical Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons of 7th July 2017, when 122 nations agreed to abolish atomic bomb arsenals all over this planet.