Tony De Brum is dead

Former Republic of the Marshall Islands Foreign Minister and NFFAward Laureat (2015) Tony de Brum died Tuesday morning (22.08.2017).

Former Marshall Islands minister, Nobel nominee Tony de Brum dies.

Former Republic of the Marshall Islands Foreign Minister Tony de Brum, a champion of climate change awareness, died Tuesday morning, according to the Marshall Islands’ president’s office.
As foreign minister, de Brum, 72, used his position to bring the issue of climate change before the United Nations and raise awareness of the impacts it will have globally, news files state. He visited Guam last year as the keynote speaker for the Seventh Regional Conference on Island Sustainability. Julian Aguon, the Guam Legislature’s legal counsel, said de Brum died at his Majuro home, surrounded by his wife and kids, around 9 a.m. Tuesday. A few weeks ago, Aguon said he visited de Brum in Hawaii, where de Brum said he wished to get back home to Majuro. De Brum was a mentor to Aguon, who said that the two have known each other for about a decade. Aguon said de Brum was like a second father to him, as he shared his knowledge and wisdom to the young attorney during their friendship. “He influenced a lot of people. He’s a formidable global figure,” Aguon said of de Brum. “He was a leader.”

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