NFFAward in Solidarity with Water Protectors at Standing Rock

The victory won last December by the Water Protectors at Standing Rock has proved to be naught but an illusion. President Trump has given the green light for the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and the Army Corps of Engineers (who occupy the fragile plot of land along the Missouri) have assented to Trump’s decision.

The Pipeline, which will run from North Dakota to Illinois, has not yet passed any environmental impact assessments. The route damages sovereign lands of the Dakota people, destroys holy sites, and threatens to contaminate the drinking water of hundreds of thousands of area residents. The Water Protectors (with the slogan: “We are not protestors, we are protectors”) call all fellow inhabitants of our Earth to support them in their fight against the pipeline. Around 600 of these Protectors have already been arrested.

The banks that have invested and supported the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline are also called upon to withdraw their investments from this project. Among these banks is the Bayerische Landesbank. This week, they appointed an official to handle questions and complaints. All such communication should be directed to:
Herr Fitze, ++49 (0)89-217 124 678

On YouTube, Chase Iron Eyes, a Dakota from Standing Rock, has uploaded a statement.