Who can be nominated?

Worthy of nomination for a Nuclear-Free Future Award are:

  • Activists or organizations who are struggling to end or contain the radioactive curse that begins the moment uranium is mined from the earth.

  • Scientists or journalists who work to expose the disinformation of the nuclear industry, demystifying and making accessible to the general public our radioactive peril.

  • Politicians who advocate nuclear disarmament and/or the continued growth of clean, renewable energies.

  • Jurists who come to the aid of the nuclear industry’s victims.

  • Artists – musicians, writers, graphic artists, filmmakers – who create works making palpable radiation’s invisible toxic threat.

  • Initiatives and communities working to solve our energy problems through the enlightened use of renewable fuels.

  • Visionaries working to help us emerge from the labyrinth of our nuclear madness.

  • Someone else (surprise us). We would love to hear from you!

How do I make a nomination?

The Nuclear-Free Future Award is normally divided into four categories: Resistance, Education, Solutions, and Lifetime Achievement.The first three categories are each outfitted with a money prize of $10,000. The Lifetime Achievement Award, which does not go through the jury process, but rather is a selection made by the Nuclear-Free Future Award organizers and partners, is an honorary award which enlists no prize of money; instead, the recipient receives a work of art created by a contemporary artist. Some years a second honorary award is handed out: Special Recognition.

Eligible of nominating a candidate for a Nuclear-Free Future Award is every last living person on this planet. You can make one submittal each year, nominating anyone except yourself, a close relative or your own organization or community. Nominations for 2011, written in English, should arrive per post or per electronic mail at Nuclear-Free Future Award / Ganghoferstr. 52 / 80339 Munich, Germany no later than December 31, 2010. (Normally the deadline is April 1st, but in 2011 the Award Ceremony will take place already in April as part of the IPPNW-Germany Chernobyl Congress to take place in Berlin.) As nominator you should keep in mind that you of course are well aware of the enlightened work of the person or organization you find deserving of a Nuclear-Free Future Award, but that most likely the members of our far-flung, international jury are not. Try to make your dossier as detailed, informative, and colorful as possible. Nominations must include:

  • Address, email, telephone and fax numbers – of both yourself AND the Award candidate

  • A photo of the candidate suitable for print medium (300 dpi, if digitized).

  • Grounds for the nomination (500 words or less, with no limit on attachments). What makes your candidate worthy of receiving the Award?

  • Candidate’s curriculum vitae (1 page).

  • A short biographical sketch of yourself, which includes your motivations for putting together this nomination.